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Q-&-A Session with Yahaya Baruwa

Bestselling Author Entrepreneur Inspiration Motivation Novelist Q&A with Yahaya Baruwa Struggles of a Dreamer Tunde

Q: When will Struggles of a Dreamer become a major motion picture?

A: I cannot give you a definite date, nor can I promise you that it will become a movie. However, if it does, it could be within the next year or two.

Q: What inspired you to write your first novel, Struggles of a Dreamer, in particular, about the battle between a dream and tradition?

AMy inspiration came from a misunderstanding that I had with my father. When I was still in second year at York University, I decided that I wanted to write a novel as a challenge for myself; however, my father thought that I was going to abandon school to do so. He said, “Focus on school and do not be distracted.” I misunderstood his point of view and thought he meant, “Don’t do anything but go to school.” I was upset and decided to write the book anyway, but in secret. About two years later, after the publication of the novel, I realized that my father, like all fathers, had only been trying to ensure that I got school out of the way before committing to something else. Fortunately, my father loves the fact that I have completed my undergraduate degree as well as become a young published author. It is safe to say that he is happy and proud of his son.

Q: What was the hardest part for you in writing the book, and how did you overcome it?

A: The hardest part for me in writing the book was not only my lack of confidence at first but also the fear of failure, ridicule, and criticism. Fortunately, I was able to overcome these by faking it; that is, acting as though I had all the confidence and courage in the world until I finally made it. I felt the fear and did it anyway.

Q: What do you like best about being an author?

A: The best thing about being an author has been all the wonderful people I have had the privilege of meeting, the friends I have made, and, most importantly, the inspiring fan mail I have received.

Q: What do you like least about being an author?

A: What I like least about being an author is when I am not taken seriously or treated with respect simply because I am young and, therefore, presumed to be unworthy of being author.

Q: Who is your favourite author?

A: My favourite author is Paulo Coelho, who wrote The Alchemist, among other wonderful novels.

Q: Being an author can be stressful. What do you do to have fun and relax?

A: I love to play video games, cook, spend time chatting with my family, play pool, and hang out with my friends. These activities help me to reenergize.

Q: Everyone has something they consider to be their wildest dream, what is yours?

A: My wildest dream is to sell a billion copies of the Struggles of a Dreamer trilogy to inspire readers globally.

Q: Do you believe in the power of dreams?

A: Yes I do! But, more importantly, I believe in the power of having a definite goal and pursuing it persistently. This is the only way to make any dream a reality.

Q: What is your greatest fantasy in life?

A: My fantasy is to experience true love and deep happiness every moment of each day.

Q: What is your favourite book of all time and why?

A: My favourite book of all time is one that I received as a gift for my twenty-fourth birthday from my great friend, Dr. Lucy Kaite, called Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss. Every time I read this book, I am inspired and become as fearless as a two-year-old boy. It is with this mindset that I truly believe I can achieve anything I want.

Q: How do you keep on going?

A: Often I recite inspirational quotations to myself that motivate me to keep moving forward every day. I cannot bear the thought of being a failure, and so, whenever I feel like giving up, I say to myself, “Keep going no matter what. No matter how hard it gets, just keep going.” I also hope that I can be an inspiration to my fans; nothing can equal the pleasure and satisfaction I get from being an author and motivating others.

Q: Which part of Struggles of a Dreamer is your favourite and why?

A: My favourite part in Struggles of a Dreamer, my first book in a trilogy, is part two, “The Battle between a Dream and Tradition.” This part of the book is a story within a story, and it is about the son of a farmer, Toku’te. I like it because Toku’te and I share similar struggles as young men searching for the right path to our dreams. His story demonstrates perfectly the ultimate leap of faith I have had to take to realize my dream of achieving great success and prestige as an author, even though I didn’t know which path to take. If you read the second paragraph on page 80 of Struggles of a Dreamer, you will understand the dilemma and the choices that need to be made to achieve your dream.

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