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Reviews for The Adventures of Ellie

The Adventures of Ellie inspirational book by Yahaya Baruwa

“Yahaya Baruwa taps into the depths of the human condition in The Adventures of Ellie: The healing power of love, a child’s fear of abandonment, a parent’s nightmare of losing a child, the immigrant’s deep sense of insecurity and resiliency that comes after hardship. This suspenseful read will have you turning pages faster than you can count them.

-Dr. Sofia Noori, PhD


The Adventures of Ellie consists of the themes of overcoming adversity, true love, passion, and the markings of traditions versus modernization. The novel presents relatable characters and it’s written in such a compelling way that you never want to put the book down. Yahaya Baruwa has succeeded once again with this novel and I highly recommend this book.”

-Mark Addo, JD candidate 2021, University of Ottawa Faculty of Law


“Thrilling, captivating, inspirational. The Adventures of Ellie depicts a story that even in the midst of a storm in one’s life, you can still find hope to carry on and make something beautiful out of your life.”

-Eniola Akinsara, Human Resources Specialist


“Truly fortunate are those who have the privilege of witnessing the growth of Yahaya Baruwa’s literary creativity over time. Despite this progress as a writer, his unique commentative style persists throughout this compelling trichotomous narrative. Tunde, Ellie, their struggles and their dreams have captivated me for years. The story of these formidable characters inspires a spark of unabating hope in my soul for success, love, and faith.”

-Mary Ann McEachen


“Yahaya’s third book in his trilogy is inspiring. We learn more about Ellie as faith, courage, determination, and love are the recurring themes in this story. A joy to read from this passionate young writer.”

-Farzana Amin, Ontario, Canada


“I felt inclined to say this while reading: Yahaya has grown a lot in his writing as is apparent through his books. I really enjoyed The Adventures of Ellie and I appreciated the fact that I got a good laugh in some parts of the book. Definitely a good read.”

-Sukurat Quadri, RN, Toronto, Canada


“The story of Tunde and Ellie is a true example of the capacity of human strength, both physically and mentally, in the face of darkness. Sometimes we need a little inspiration, a reminder to continue on when we feel we are ready to give up on our dreams. This is exactly what The Adventures of Ellie delivers to anyone willing to listen.”

-Joudi Kosnik, Toronto, Canada


“As a student of authorship, Yahaya Baruwa is one of the most impactful individuals I know in the industry. His desire to inspire individuals to do more than dream and act out the reality they wish to see speaks volumes in the masterpieces he creates. Each works connects with you. You don’t want to skip a beat. Every time I dive in I learn more about who I wish to be. My thoughts on Yahaya’s work? These are not merely books—they are guidelines on how to level up your life and make a profound difference in the world. Yahaya, keep up the great work.”

-Femi Doyle-Marshall, author & coach, FemiDoyleMarshall.com


“Yahaya, you continue to inspire me through your novels. This one teaches me to believe as though it were impossible to fail. I’d definitely recommend to my colleagues—great read!”

-Tyrone Taiwo, Prime Example Records


“Baruwa has proven how words can allow one to travel with characters from one moment to another. The twists and turns in The Adventures of Ellie capture the complexity of life, the will to persevere, and the reassuring light at the end of the tunnel. It inspires without romanticizing the journey.”

-Gire Jonathan, author of Kumunia: South Sudanese Cuisine in Diaspora


“Behind the story of Struggles of a Dreamer and Tunde, there is Ellie’s story about her courage, resourcefulness, and sheer determination to not give in to the curveballs of life and to stand tall in the face of it all. Through his extraordinary ability to spin words to create a well-crafted story, Yahaya’s Ellie tells of her parallel struggles. Upheld by her dreams, Ellie teaches us important lessons on surmounting hardships. Congratulations, Yahaya, on giving us more life-changing stories to inspire us!”

-Susan Ksiezopolski, founder of WriteWell, www.mywordsnow.com


The Adventures of Ellie is an enlightening and satisfying read! Yahaya has a magical way with words, and I love how the pieces of this truly magnificent fairytale come together just as a puzzle does. Positively spellbinding!”

-Andrea Zides


“Nowadays in our world, a sense of realness is often frowned upon, and raw feelings along with child-like wonder is often tossed aside. But not with Yahaya’s writing. His humble approach to writing stories brings you closer to the emotions and thoughts of a character who feels real in the heart. It’s refreshing to read about the life of the characters that seems to come from such an honest, heartfelt position. His books are inspiring, comforting, and adventure-filled all at once!”

-Andrew MacFarlane


“I always believe relationship is affected by long distance, but this book proved me wrong. Ellie made me realize that having trust and faith in your partner, regardless of the distance, makes the relationship stronger and positive. This book serves as an inspiration to all women.”

-Halima Abdulsalam, Kano, Nigeria


“Ellie’s story tells of love and loss; hardship and unfairness with nasty people; then renewal and strength realized through the support and kindness of others. A heartwarming conclusion to Struggles of a Dreamer, bringing Ellie and Tunde full circle together. A very enjoyable story.”

-Theresa James, Peterborough, Ontario


Life challenges us in many ways but with hard work, determination, and faith nothing can stop you.

-Althea Johnson


Captivating from beginning to end. Underlining messages of courage, determination, and faith. An excellent read.

-J. David, sales associate


“Yahaya has once again captivated us with the final book in his trilogy. Ellie captures us from beginning to end with her courageousness, stubbornness and unyielding faith. I found it very inspirational.”

-Angela DiPoce, legal assistant, Concord, Ontario


“The Adventures of Ellie is simply brilliant. Lose yourself in the wondrous life of Ellie as she struggles to find herself while carving out a new life in a new world. It is witty, funny, dramatic, and so real, you will not be able to put it down. Ellie is you, me, all of us.”

-Anna Donato, award-nominated gala director for charities and anti-bullying advocate


The Adventures of Ellie is a moving story that mixes traditional African cultures with some of the New World practices. Not only does it examine music and attire, but the body of work offers a candid view of how an African family attempts to adopt North American ways with tried-and-true African lifestyles. Desires for improvement and resistance to change are obvious as the principal characters in the novel pursue their respective dreams. There is a mixture of love, caring, fear, honesty, dishonesty, and violence between the pages of The Adventures of Ellie.”

-William Doyle-Marshall, veteran journalist and broadcaster, former host/producer of My Data Bag on CHRY Radio


“Ellie’s adventures teach us the virtues of life. The book constantly keeps you engaged by alternating past and present events. It is truly an inspirational book reflecting on love, courage, forgiveness, and faith. Throughout Ellie’s experiences she never neglected the power of prayer that fueled her strength to pull through the difficult struggles in her life.”

-Carmelina Allegretti. BA, BEd, MRE, teacher


“Settle down for the best read yet. This novel is the culmination of an epic journey with all the hallmarks of a compelling love story. Pain and despair meet true grit and determination to deliver a powerful life story that will inspire the reader.”

-Frances Coulter, small-business owner and lover of life, Toronto, Canada



The adventures of Ellie inspirational novel by Yahaya Baruwa author of the Struggles of a Dreamer trilogy