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Reviews for Struggles of a Dreamer

book reviews and testimonial for Struggles of a Dreamer: The battle between a dream and tradition inspirational book by Yahaya Baruwa

Struggles of a Dreamer is a book that teaches us about passion, drive, ambition, and pride. It is refreshingly realistic, opening to us the story and experience of many immigrants. Meeting Yahaya and picking up the book is life changing. Struggles of a Dreamer is a book that drives you to find your passion and to move through obstacles. Trust me, you won’t regret reading this book.”

-Katrina D.

“Some of his writing reminds me of Og Mandino’s writing in The Greatest Salesman in the World. Og was a close friend of mine and I am certain he would have enjoyed Yahaya’s style. Struggles of a Dreamer is a novel but also very inspirational.”

-Bob Proctor, star of the hit movie The Secret


“Beautifully written, Yahaya Baruwa’s Struggles of a Dreamer was captivating from start to finish. From current to old traditions, Struggles of a Dreamer reminds us of the constant pressures that come with living in the twentieth century and how to overcome them with strength and resilience.”

-Mihai Panait, visual artist


“Before you start reading Struggles of a Dreamer, make sure you have a lot of time on your hands because you will be glued to it from start to finish.”

-Janel Slater, RN, Toronto, Ontario


“Reading your book has changed my life, it inspired and motivated me that no matter what happens to never give up or fall to failure in life. My goal is to start my own construction company, and reading this book shows me that it is possible. Thanks for sharing your story; I know you have changed many lives out there with it.”

-Ricardo Walker, carpenter and entrepreneur


“Your book helped me, as a young man in my business life, by showing me that all things are possible. As a story, it also helped me to understand the complexity of life.”

-Isack Teages Ghebreyesus


“This book has been a gift in perspective and hope. Thank you.”

-Alisha B., Cambridge, Ontario


“‘The most powerful weapon on earth is the soul of a man on fire’—you’re a perfect example of that, thanks for the inspiration!” 

-Jay Robinson


“I read your book in two days and really enjoyed it! I really enjoyed the stories within stories, the time period, characters, and multilayer lessons.” 

-Tonia, Time + Space Solutions


“Your book is the only book I’ve ever read twice.”

-Brendon McNaughton, artist, Toronto, Ontario


“Dear Yahaya, thank you for the gift of Struggles of a Dreamer. It was a very good read. It sounded in my heart like the sweet song of a bell, rhythmic and melodic.”

-Flavio B.


“Yahaya describes the bitter-sweet reality of one’s journey in life in a meaningful way. He gets across a strong message in his book regarding hope, which is much needed in life itself and our community today.” 

-Jamna Kaur, author


“I like the part about having vision and faith in one’s dream. These two qualities helped me become a millionaire! I believe they can help you realize your dreams, too.”

-David “Super Dave” Ogunnaike, author of The Millionaire Genius: How to Wake Up the Money Magic within You


“Yahaya Baruwa depicts the labyrinth of life and the value of simple wisdom at our finger tips, worth a consideration. A must read book to unlocking your special dream.”

-Dr. Isaac Akrong, consultant in African culture and faculty member, York University, www.afridance.com


Struggles of a Dreamer is a valuable read from a super-optimist to the completely cynical. This book taught me that no matter how down you are with life, you will always be given an opportunity to find balance. Knowledge and courage are the keys to seeing and acting on the opportunity.”

-Enan Hoque


“A surprisingly tender book—it makes a powerful point about what can happen to a man caught between his dreams and tradition. What can he possibly do to succeed? Join the dreamer in his struggle!”

-Maria Viloria


“No dream comes through without adversity and hurdles. As a Canadian citizen for about five years, and now a recent graduate in human resource management, I can definitely relate, When you read the book Struggles of a Dreamer: The Battle between a Dream and Tradition, you will definitely be reassured that the sky is the limit, especially when you feel stuck in a situation where can’t get out.”

-Rhonda Victor


“A powerful and inspiring tale that takes place in a land where the only limit to one’s success is the value one puts on their potential. This is a moving tale that builds a relationship with the reader as we follow Tunde’s struggle, when he has nothing but his motivated spirit.”

-Ajeet Sidhu


“Winning doesn’t always mean being first, winning means you are doing better than you’ve done before. I am inspired. Great job, Yahaya!”

-Ibrahim Adekale, founder and executive producer of African Entertainment Awards


“‘Often when the worst happens to you in life, it is not life punishing you; it is life pushing you to wake up.’ Struggles of a Dreamer: The Battle between a Dream and Tradition is an inspirational book filled with powerful and moving life lessons! Reading this book will give you the courage to move forward in life and to get back on the right foot. Overall, a great read!”

-Timothy Chiu


“We all dream. Every once in a while we have the audacity to pursue these dreams. This book serves to remind us of the powerful potential that lies dormant within our deepest aspirations.”

-Michael MacDonald, Toronto, Ontario


“I was very intrigued and motivated by your approach to life, and it has given me a somewhat different perspective on life. You’re a very inspirational person.”

-Mohamed Hussein


“The body is like an engine, and faith mixed with persistence is the gasoline. Read this book over and over again; it is a constant supply of the gasoline you need to keep going.”

-Kelechi Amadi, Real Estate Sales Representative, Century 21


“Having a dream is one thing, and acting on that dream is another. Read Struggles of a Dreamer if you are between the two; it may give you that kick you need to start acting on your dream!”

-Pauline Rankin, Acclaimed Speaker and Personal Development Coach


“Every dream comes with its unique struggles; only determination can take you to your dreamland. Four years in the youth office, I had dreams, and I had to struggle to accomplish them. Struggles of a Dreamer is a must-read. This life-changing book inspired me to continue to pursue my goals.”

-Comrade Samuel Umachi, Youth President, the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria


“We all strive to find our purpose in life. This book captures that light-bulb moment of change. A beauty of a tribute to life’s evolution.”

-Femi Doyle-Marshall, author and coach, FemiDoyleMarshall.com


“As a student and foreign born, I could relate to Struggles of a Dreamer. The story motivated and encouraged me not to give up easily when I face obstacles in life. Like the character Tunde, we should instead look ahead positively with hope for a good future as we go through life. I will recommend this book to others, because it teaches us how we can go from zero to hero.”

-Khadija Othman


“Such a wonderful book.”

-Glenson M.


“Books that the reader could reread multiple times are exceptional, and Struggles of a Dreamer achieves that. Yahaya Baruwa has written a book that grips you from start to finish with inspirational narrative and compelling characters. Struggles of a Dreamer is definitely one book that once you pick it up you cannot put down.”

-Jadah Aliyah, software developer


“Yahaya’s first book is gripping, inspiring, compelling, and mature beyond his years. His effort with this book is the sign of the quality of the new wave of young writers, and he leads the way.”

-Maxim P. Weithers, four-time North American Squash Champion and President of Life Happyness Consultants

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