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This novel will inspire you! Who will triumph, an ancient tradition or a dream? In Struggles of a Dreamer: The Battle between a Dream and Tradition, the first book of the trilogy, the stories of Tunde, a beggar on the streets of New York City, and Toku’te, the son of a farmer in a faraway land, are woven together in a charming tale full of...

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This novel will give you hope! Tunde: A Man of Lost Ambition is the second book in the Struggles of a Dreamer trilogy about a man called Tunde, whose story began when, as a new immigrant, he soon found himself living as a beggar on the streets of New York City. In this book, we follow him through the amazing adventures of his...

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This novel will inspire you to love! In this third and final installment to the Struggles of a Dreamer trilogy, you will be taken on an adventure of a lifetime. With the skill of a compelling and established storyteller, Yahaya takes you by the hand as you experience Ellie’s adventures. In this story, the strong-hearted heroine...

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Readers of the books had these to say!

Yahaya’s first effort as a writer is gripping, inspiring, compelling and mature beyond his years. This is the sign of the new wave of young writers and Yahaya leads the way.”

Maxim P. Weithers, 4 Time North American Squash Champion, President of Life Happyness Consultants

Before you start reading Struggles of a Dreamer, make sure you have a lot of time on your hands, because you will be glued from start to finish.”

Janel Slater, RN, Toronto, Ontario

Some of his writing reminds me of Og Mandino's writing in The Greatest Salesman In The World. Og was a close friend of mine and I am certain he would have enjoyed Yahaya's style... Struggles of a Dreamer is a novel but very Inspirational."  

Bob Proctor, Star of the hit movie, The Secret

I really enjoyed reading this book! Yahaya Baruwa is an amazing storyteller, and I found his writing style to be fascinating and gripping.....I learned some very important life lessons while following the many stories of the characters in this novel; I would highly recommend to anyone who is in a place of change in their lives that they read this book and take its lessons to heart!”

Althea F., poet and proud mother of three children

Having a dream is one thing, and acting on that dream is another. Read Struggles of a Dreamer if you are between the two; it may give you that kick you need to start acting on your dream!”

Pauline Rankin, Acclaimed Speaker and Personal Development Coach

Struggles of a dreamer is very motivating, educational and interesting story. It is different from other books, and I think it has value, which isn't so often to see nowadays. It has really good advices, all of them told through story, I think that's an interesting idea. It is wonderful that one young man has such story to give us.”


I enjoyed this book very much—a story within a story within a story. Tunde is an excellent character in the way that he models a sustainable path for himself out of misfortune, and he is a very approachable human in his emotional vulnerability. Thanks again for the opportunity to read this wonderful story!”

Anna Melnikoff, course director and professor, Department of Music, York University

With this book, I came to the realization that success is attainable for all those who seek it, but one must be willing to want something more and actually act toward achieving it. This novel is entertaining but at the same time ignites that fire in you to achieve your goals and dreams. Well done, Yahaya!”

Mark Addo, JD candidate 2021, University of Ottawa Faculty of Law

I enjoyed the book very much. It is very refreshing and uplifting; it gives hope when you think there is none. Yahaya, you are a special soul and have a nice gift in writing.”

Angela DiPoce, legal assistant, Concord, Ontario

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Another thought-provoking and inspiring piece of work by Yahaya Baruwa. Throughout his book, I was captivated by Tunde, the main character, and empathized with his every human desire and motivation. Expect to love this book if you can be swept away by a compelling tale!” 

Mary Ann McEachen, elementary school teacher

This book gently imparts wisdom to the reader through the telling of the story of Tunde. I cried, I bit my nails, I felt supercharged at so many points during the story. I am so inspired!”

Althea F., poet and proud mother of three children

Thank you, Yahaya, for this inspiring and touching story! The fluidity of your writing brings the characters to life. As I read the story, I could envision the story unfold; each sentence drew a picture more clearly than the last, which made it impossible to put your book down. For anyone who is looking for a great read, stop looking and start reading!”

Aftakhar Haidry, Toronto, Ontario

Settle down for the best read yet. This novel is the culmination of an epic journey with all the hallmarks of a compelling love story. Pain and despair meet true grit and determination to deliver a powerful life story that will inspire the reader.”

Frances Coulter, small-business owner and lover of life, Toronto, Canada

A powerful story that I couldn’t put down. I found it captivating, inspiring, and a great reminder of the power of forgiveness and the strength of love. Beautifully written, I feel as though I know each character personally. Thank you, Yahaya, for taking me on this wonderful journey.”

Lynn Stieh, Waterloo, Ontario

Yahaya Baruwa taps into the depths of the human condition in The Adventures of Ellie: The healing power of love, a child’s fear of abandonment, a parent’s nightmare of losing a child, the immigrant’s deep sense of insecurity and resiliency that comes after hardship. This suspenseful read will have you turning pages faster than you can count them.”

Dr. Sofia Noori, PhD

Ellie’s adventures teach us the virtues of life. The book constantly keeps you engaged by alternating past and present events. It is truly an inspirational book reflecting on love, courage, forgiveness, and faith. Throughout Ellie’s experiences she never neglected the power of prayer that fueled her strength to pull through the difficult struggles in her life.”

—Carmelina Allegretti. BA, BEd, MRE, teacher

Captivating from beginning to end. Underlining messages of courage, determination, and faith. An excellent read."

J. David, sales associate

Thrilling, captivating, inspirational. The Adventures of Ellie depicts a story that even in the midst of a storm in one’s life, you can still find hope to carry on and make something beautiful out of your life.”

Eniola Akinsara, Human Resources Specialist


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